WestShore Engineering provides precision CNC machining services of close-tolerance parts for a wide range of applications and industries. We utilize multi-axis, vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers with automatic bar feeders to offer both long and short-run services in a variety of materials. In addition, we are able to offer precision fabricated parts encompassing both thick and thin-wall, complex formed components in medium to high volume production runs. Our fabrication capabilities include stamping, forming, punching, shearing, and various welding methods.

By maintaining a strong commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, our ISO-certified facility is able to offer outstanding quality from the initial concept of a design, through prototyping and full-scale, long-term production. We guaranty competitive pricing, superior quality and consistent turn-around times for complex items.

-Dedicated Haas machining centers

-Milling, turning, threading, slotting

-High speed EDM drilling

-Thread rolling

-Honing, ID and OD grinding

-4-axis and auto-indexing pallets

-Tooling: high speed, PCD and carbide

-Multiple part fixturing

-Inhouse work-holding manufacture

-Ferrous and non-ferrous materials

-Machining bar stock, castings, forgings, tubes, and extruded shapes

-Shot blasting, tumbling and deburring 

-Full dimensional and functional inspection

-Press fitting

-Adhesive application

-Vacuum and pressure testing


-Part marking